​“Pressure switch 901XL for the lowest pressures and liquid levels. Wherever marginal gas pressures or liquid levels have to be determined quickly and positively.

Range of sensors and controllers for garages and tunnels in approval with DIN/EN 50545-1; DIN /EN 50271

MSR Electronic throws to the market a new range of CO, NO2, LPG and other gases that can be harmed and even mortal in garages and tunnels, in approval with the new European Law. MSR also has the controllers and other supplies like control supplies or prevention signs for making life safer and healthy. Within these sensors we can find the new range PolyGard II.



“A new sensor for toxic gases and combustion with a bayonet connection header that allows replacing the sensor by a new already calibrated one, when the first one has finished with his useful life.


​“New range of Thermokon 2014 products”


New universal Fan Coil Thermostat, for ventilation with analogical control 0-10V motors DC without brushes, BLDC, but fed by a 230VAC net, with electronic ECM switch.”


New Fan Coil 24V Thermostat wall assembly in surface, for Fan Coil applications with passive infrared occupancy sensor (PIR) incorporated and BACNET interface.”


​“User control panel THANOS wins the Design Award 2013 price.


PYRO_X system for melting snow, electrical or by hot water, made to clear the way.”


​“New range of actuators."


​“Fire prevention and smoke extraction.


​“Flow control and pressure in air distribution.”


​“Industrial thermostat for extreme high and low temperatures and water leak detectors CMT-CTA-CLA."



​“New Touckmaker 3.1 software for LON, BACnet, Modbus or DMX projects.”


​“High efficiency in low temperatures with CO2 in cascade.”


​“Oil separating, receivers and level regulators.”


​“Quality air VOC, Temperature and relative humidity IAQUA sensors-transmitters."