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Sifri SL it’s a company with high experience in Air Conditioning, Building Automation, Refrigeration and other industrial sectors.


SIFRI SL, was created in 1968 under the name of “Suministros Industriales Frigoríficos” assembling the previous knowledge and experience of its founder in equipment and refrigerated transport.


Since 1995 and after a family succession, SIFRI incorporated a large experience in Automation of equipments, Air Conditioning installations and Industrial Refrigeration, obtaining the confidence of several manufacturers leaders in Regulation and Control, for the exclusive merchandising of its products, adapting them to the technological evolution and new markets. Our activity has extended to Building Automation and Management, and other industrial sectors.


SIFRI represents several companies of Regulation and Control in Israel, Germany, Sweden and also Refrigeration Compressors with an exclusive design, made in Austria. The company collaborates as well with important manufacturers in France and, of course, with some Spanish manufacturers in the merchandising of their advanced components. 




Control means comfort and energy savings:

Our goal



SIFRI SL offers ambient control products that are grouped

in 4 different lines:


   Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning 



Intelligent Control HVAC



Servomotors for gates and AC valves


Beck. Water and Air pressure control


Building Automation  (BA)



Sensors for Air Conditioning and Building Automation in the highest level of design and technique



Smoke and fire detection and prevention, and sensors for Ventilation and Air Conditioning



LON Tactile Screens and Multiprotocol


Refrigeration (R)



Refrigeration Compressors with a unique design: Separated stator and rotor


Line components of the refrigerant circuit

Industrial (I)

MSR Electronic

Gas detection, controls and signaling




SIFRI SL was the first Spanish company that joined as a partner of the EnOcean Alliance. This technology uses free ambient energies such as light or the pressure done by a finger when it presses a switch to make sensors and dispositives work. This communication is done without consuming any energy and transmits with a specific protocol of Radiofrequency. The EnOcean technology also uses different communication protocols like LON, Modbus, BACnet, KNX, MP bus to join higher control systems and supervisors.


- No wires, no batteries, no limits.


- Green and sustainable: No wires, no consume, without maintenance


- Quick installation without works: in a wall, furniture, glass... Tomorrow you    can change to another position


- In historical or artistic buildings, in rehab, rent buildings


- Bigger comfort with less or no energy --> an>


- More sustainable buildings with intelligent systems of control of Air     Conditioning, Illumination and Occupation





Bilbao City Hall expansion


Climatización & Automatización de Edificios & Refrigeración Industrial



C/Septiembre, 36. E-28022. Colonia Fin de Semana. Madrid, Spain

Tfno: +34 913 121 965/493 Mov: +34 619 149 678 Fax: +34 913 121 831


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